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ann meets frances hesselbein, president of the drucker foundation in new york

Ann meets Frances Hesselbein, President of the Drucker Foundation in New York

nashville tennessee

Nashville, Tennessee - Keynote Speech Young Leaders Council

"We had the opportunity for Ann Cartwright to speak to our alumni association on volunteer leadership. Her knowledge of nonprofit organizations and boards of directors was extremely informative and current. She keeps abreast of trends, and then has the skill and ability to facilitate a seminar or meeting to share that information. We certainly consider her a leader in her field of leadership and training. We only wish we had had more time with her."

Diane L. Hayes, Executive Director of Young Leaders Council in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.


“As a Leader, Ann has an open friendly approach with the ability to obtain co-operation of staff to support difficult decisions. Ann has the strength of character to articulate her own views in a way, which avoids confrontation but displays her own commitment to the future benefits for the organisation she represents.

As a facilitator Ann is able to encourage productive debate on subjects not necessarily familiar to her or if familiar managing the process without her own views impacting on the discussions. The ability to ensure all members of a group are involved is supported by her skills in observation combined with an open and friendly approach.

Ann is an excellent trainer who presents training in an interesting and participative manner. She is always well prepared with excellent visual aids where relevant and always appropriate to her audience.

In general Ann is a very experienced and able to operate in a wide variety of settings and can respond quickly to changing needs in a wide variety of organisations.”

Janet Butler, Retired Chief Executive, Derbyshire NHS Trust


“To Ann – with gratitude for your leadership and example.”

Frances Hesselbein, President of the Drucker Foundation, New York, USA.


"Ann was retained with a brief to investigate the most appropriate form of accreditation for our OnCourse Community Leadership Programme. The recommendations, and subsequent units written for us, have proved sound in their foundation and a worthwhile investment.

Ann also gave her time to join our Learning Styles and Group Dynamics sessions on the programme. This involved her setting out the stages of group development, examining team roles and ensuring that participants from all abilities and backgrounds understood, not only the theory, but were also able to recognize this in their own real world context. As a topic facilitator, Ann gave time to make sure that her message was clear, answering questions fully and encouraging discussion and debate around the topic. An excellent facilitator and a pleasure to work with.

As part of the Advisory Group that guided decision making in the early days of our Community Leadership Programme, Ann gave freely of her sound advice and business sense and proved a valuable asset to the group"

Neil Horsley, Chief Executive, Nottingham Development Enterprise (NDE)


“Ann's leadership of the Group's first Staff Management conference was excellent. She advised on the programme and content, and also led the day. It was important for us to bring together staff from four subsidiary organisations in a constructive and fun way, and Ann did that very well."

Atul Patel, Group Chief Executive, LHA-ASRA Group


Ann's leadership skills are demonstrated by:

  • her ability to manage, however complex the underlying technical problems;
  • by patient understanding of both herself and her team;
  • by having the confidence to tackle anything and by being able to articulate the nub of the problem;
  • by being as at ease on the shop-floor as in the Boardroom.

Professor David M Hunt (MSc FCA FCIPD CPFA FFA FMAAT FSCMA FRSA), Principal, La Chasse Management Development Company


“Ann is always professional and optimistic, but above all inspires me to be better than I think I can be. You think that you've tried every route to a solution then Ann throws another idea in the pot that's not only fun but incredibly effective.

I like many people but to earn my respect you have to be exceptional- I respect Ann tremendously. Ann is fair, reasoned and always full of fresh ideas- I can’t recommend her highly enough.”

Amanda Solloway (FCIPD, MAC) Victoria Lodge Consultancy


"I have always admired Ann's ability to use objective analysis to reach a clear decision on complex and sometimes very sensitive issues, and then to be be able communicate all of that clearly and concisely to other people."

Jane Sterck, Ex Chief Executive of Nottingham Council for Voluntary Services


Over the years Ann has worked with Central Government Departments, Local Authorities, NHS Trusts, Banks, Housing Associations, Manufacturing Companies, Retail Companies, Voluntary/Community Groups

“When we are no longer able to change a situation we are challenged to change ourselves” Victor Frankl