The Emotional Intelligence Association

What is Emotional Intelligence?

"Emotional Intelligence is the ability to understand, accept and recognise our own emotions and feelings, including their impact on ourselves and other people and to use this knowledge to improve our own behaviours as well as to manage and improve our relationship with others."

Ann Cartwright and Amanda Solloway, 2007

How can Emotional Intelligence benefit your workplace?

Developing and increasing the Emotional Intelligence (EI) skills of individuals, teams and leaders at all levels including board members

  • Increases motivation
  • Increases commitment to the organisation
  • Increases and improves performance
  • Improves inter-staff relationships
  • Improves customer relations

How can your organisation achieve these benefits?

The Emotional Intelligence Association can help you and your staff to develop and increase their EI skills through their new, exciting and cost effective range of Emotional Intelligence Programmes.

EI Leadership Programme comprises of 6 x one-day workshops delivered over a three-month period. The programme will cover the following elements:

  • Introduction to Emotional Intelligence
  • Developing and increasing self-awareness skills
  • Developing and increasing self-management skills
  • Developing and increasing social awareness skills
  • Developing and increasing relationship management skills
  • Developing and increasing leadership capacity

Cost per delegate is £1500 (Minimum number of delegates per programme is 6 maximum is 12).

Target Audience

  • Executives/Leaders/Board Members
  • Senior/Middle Managers

EI Development Programme comprises of 4 x one-day workshops delivered over a two-month period. The programme will cover the following elements

  • Introduction to EI
  • Understanding and developing self-awareness and self-management skills
  • Understanding and developing social awareness skills
  • Understanding and developing relationship management skills

Cost per delegate is 1200 (Minimum number of delegates per programme is 6 maximum is 12).

Target Audience

  • Team Leaders/First Line Managers
  • Sales/Customer Relations staff

How to Join the Emotional Intelligence Association?

Ann Cartwright and Amanda Solloway are co-authors of "Emotional Intelligence Activities to Develop You and Your Business"

Both Ann and Amanda are highly skilled and experienced facilitators, coaches and managers and both have worked with a range of organisation across the public, private and not-for profit sectors.

The Emotional Intelligence Association is the membership organisation for Managers, Consultants and Facilitators seeking to promote and develop Emotional Intelligence in the workplace. Contact us to find out how to join.

Contact us

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  • Ann Cartwright 07722 848856
  • Amanda Solloway 07534 503943